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Whose insurance is responsible for the auto accident?

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Ok, long story but I recently got into a car accident and had no insurance. My car was paid for, but I had no insurance on it. I live in Michigan which is a no-fault state, but I hit a building and I am wondering if I am resposible for the cost. I talked with the owner of the building and he had no insurance either, and had just bought the building 2 weeks prior to the accident. So who is responsible for the damages to the building?
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Motor insurance for teens?
What's the purchase price distinction between the insurance for a grown-up as well as for a teenager. If it depends in the auto then I'm contemplating in investing in a Honda Accord Social, or a Acura Integra."

Better? Auto Insurance Problem?
We've 2 automobiles and currently 2 owners on our insurance (my husband and that I) and we were thinking if we include his mom on there could it be cheaper? The thing is his mother does not understand how to travel and does not have a permit, would it not be cheaper if we include your insurance and her?"

Car-insurance by having an older truck for a new male driver?
Okay therefore I am a new driver, only more than 16 and a half years old. I've a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 by having an extended-cab and 4WD. The reason I cant actually get it's that its not protected nonetheless. My problem is about just how much per month might insurance price for me in this vehicle within New York's state? If unsure, is there any particular website that could not be unable to assist me further without entering my personal information?"

Short term auto insurance?
Im buying corporation that may do shortterm (ideally 3 days but a month is okay) motor insurance to get a 17 year old guy having a provisional permit, can anyone suggest one?"

Car Insurance problem!?
Ill be 16 years old. I'm obtaining a 1986-1988 Pontiac Trans Am. Very good responsible driver. Therefore, would auto insurance be considered a fortune??? What would have been a good-and cheap business to go with??? name brands please (state farm, all-state, 21St-Century, ext.)"

New Driver Car Insurance?
Hello all, how can a brand new driver begin obtaining protected for a new car's purchase? Having never been covered before, how would I begin legally operating away a vehicle newly obtained? So the predicament is the fact that I situated a vehicle and have taken industry. It's a personal purchase or from the storage. have never driven before and therefore never been insured on a. About making sure after I purchase the automobile I'm not legally uninsured just how do I go ? They need every detail regarding the car before I can prepare insurance, while seeking online, but I can't ensure the details of the automobile until I've witnessed it in person, after I expect to create the purchase. Any assistance/links wouldbe great. Cheers"

Which automobile would be cheapest on insurance?
Nissan 350z Honda s2000 ford mustang Infiniti g35 coupe

Can California Civil Code 827 be utilized to implement necessary renters insurance?
Lately tenants were sent a notice expressing we have to get tenant's insurance, expressing that California Civil Code 827 enables them to do this by my landlord. Searching it up, I observe 827 is about book elevated, not tenantis insurance (and nothing about something being essential). I had been not essential to fund tenantis insurance after I closed them on the rent, but they claim that terms have changed and today I am required to pay this, and when I don't, may eliminate my credit. do this? Or is this correspondence some type of technique to coerce me into delivering insurance and signing this report? Cheers!"

Auto Insurance too high. HELP?
My Boyfriend (21) has high motor insurance (ONTARIO) due to racing tickets and inability to avoid at stop sign and something for being over the restriction having a g2. I called my insurance to include him onto my vehicle and so they will not. We have found 1 business that might guarantee him for nearly $1000/Month, We do not have that form of cash, Among The ways to get your insurance diminished would be to have insurance and never get anymore seats, BUT are they are some other tactics?"

Just how do we get lifeinsurance?
Im 45 is 42 we've 2 kids one is 18 is 20 before does it work, we never had life insurance? it pricey? 3. How much cash is it possible to get? 4. what organization is the greatest to decide on? 5. May we still get life insurance? please reply all my inquiries dont put silly solutions:)"

How is insurance afforded by people who have new cars?
I recently looked over a couple of insurance premium rates and my mouth just dropped, although I'm currently a college student looking to purchase my first vehicle shortly. How on the planet is insurance, especially individuals afforded by folks with new vehicles? It really is crazy to consider you're going to be coughing out almost $300 a month to get a new car. How to people do-it? Certainly one of my pals (whose parents possess their own business) have 4 cars starting from 2010-2012 under finance.They must be paying plenty of income on insurance, but just how to people like that take action?"

How much is insurance?
Hi folks just wondering basically get a personal injury im 16 just how much a motocross insurance estimate wouldbe im just searching for insurance and need affordable quotes thanks"

Beware this Scam on Automobile Insurance.!!?
A pal of mine told me about how exactly his son was Swindled by way of a fake online Insurance Company. They're marketing Auto Insurance which naturally is getting young drivers. 620 was settled by him for whole cover by his charge card, and was delivered His Insurance files. However, he was stoppd from the Police late during the night to get a Regimen check, a couple of months later, Because It had appear to the NPR he was driving without protection plans. The Police were shown his Papers by him and he was told that organization doesn't exist, and he is the driver they unearthed and have halted that they have fake documents. Nevertheless, the authorities did not push charges in cases like this, but advised him they have been looking to observe a whilr in these scammers, but all they learn is they're working from Nigeria, and Latvia, but keep moving around. Search for with a good insurere in-person to obtain Insurance or they advised the Lad in potential to use a well-known Insurance organization. Consequently Lord understands exactly how many other individuals are on the highway with ineffective protection plans."

Around that is just how much may my motor insurance charge?
Im 16 and about to be 17 and commence my driving instructions and that I originate from the UK and that I am also female i wondered my motor insurance could about charge and ive got a 1996 VOLVO 440 TURBODIESEL RED?

Cheapest auto insurance?
I'm 17 and also have simply had my lisence weekly. I want the cheapest auto isnurance I could get with minimum coverage, I have a 98 Mitsubishi eclipse. Any ideas?"

Crudentials for insurance for 17 year olds?
Crudentials for 17 year olds for insurance?

Commercial Vehicle Insurance in the united kingdom?
A shipping support is started by a small business and engages many motorists. They will not be covered by this for business uses, although now each driver has their own particular insurance plan. What would be the choices for the business seller? Could the business obtain a plan to address their cars that are individual as well as the personnel? or would they have to get a vehicle just for business reasons for the drivers to use? Furthermore, what companies is there that provide for supplying applications, such commercial-vehicle insurance and what would be a ballpark amount for such a policy? extra credit for thorough answers. Thankyou!!"

"Insurance- Cottage, unsure which insurance?"
Ouside of Canada lives, but own property with a cabin onto it. My father and grandmother possess it. Based on the insurance if one of many entrepreneurs (ppl about the insurance) are not around the house (claim, 500 kilometers away) if anything occurs (like someone comes breaks there calf) to someone we consider there, we are not coated and will sue us. Our cousin possess the directly to promote the property without us having any say if my father placed me to the insurance would? He believes when I'm wear the insurance I'll be on his half and my aunt may have her half thus providing more electricity to her. Is there any way for this insurance thing easily desire to go up there without them with a few friends?"

"My deductible is $4000, although I have medical insurance?"
Is there in any manner at 29 days pregnant I will work out how to obtain additional help spending money on this? I reside in Southern California. Anything will help at this time, I am just getting nervous because $ 4000 every one of the other things to organize is just a little frustrating. Is there a method to apply for something which may help me with one of these expenditures?"

Lost and medical Insurance Wages?
I'm going for my meniscus into surgery. Nevertheless, I certainly will unable to benefit at the least 2 months and am a cashier. My employer has said once I return, that I will have my work , however I be seemingly as to what I could do to try and recover lost earnings, at a damage."

Buying insurance driver coverage?
For some information on insurance rider coverage, also would like to get a one that is good I am looking."

"Selling Vehicle, how to execute a try without any insurance?"
I am selling my car nevertheless it doesn't have insurance or perhaps a dish. I reside in Alberta, Canada. I understand before purchasing it, people would like to try the vehicle, is there ways to do this officially?"

What's the insurance for the vehicle i want's expense?
I'd like a Suzuki Ignis 1.5 activity im almost to begin driving needs the insurance planning to price?

"I'll be under my guardian's healthinsurance helpful Jan 1, 2011 - can my baby be protected?"
My infant is April 26, 2011 due. Can he not be ineligible to be under my parents plan with me or can I need insurance that is distinct? Any suggestions in that case? I reside in California."

Online automobile insurance works?
Joining a brand new automobile,not just a shift of insurance. I am thinking about GEICO insurance that is purchasing but am uncertain how method works. After reviewing registration ways it suggests the area adviser must sign and stamp RMV-1 form. How may that function if my insurance provider is not offline? Do they do idrive out to closest office or send a real estate agent? Is the procedure longer having an online insurance?"

Whose insurance is responsible for the auto accident?
Ok, long story but I recently got into a car accident and had no insurance. My car was paid for, but I had no insurance on it. I live in Michigan which is a no-fault state, but I hit a building and I am wondering if I am resposible for the cost. I talked with the owner of the building and he had no insurance either, and had just bought the building 2 weeks prior to the accident. So who is responsible for the damages to the building?
I might suggest that you try this web site where you can get quotes from the best companies:
Car insurance gets cheaper at 21?
Ok and this may not seem bright but I have observed that car insurance gets cheaper in the era of 21, I am talking about it is alot for brand new fresh drivers set alongside the 25+ year-olds but obviously cheaper. As an example a corsa might charge roughly 3,000+ to get a 17,18,19 or 20-year old third party fire and burglary...nevertheless when he/she hits 21, its goes down quite abit, likely to around 1,200 - 1,500...this is what I have heard-but not too sure thus desired to observe what you people feel!...cheers!:N"

"Cheapest auto insurance? If my vehicle gets damaged., do not care?"
Hello, I have really a old car that I just want to utilize to have around town. I actually donot care if it gets broken in a crash or whatsoever, as it already looks terrible. THEREFORE, how do I get the cheapest and simplest motor insurance? Does anyone know what organization may demand minimal for insurance?"

Does insurance to black affects?
Simply purchased a beautiful BMW 320D... It's a dark coloring with a tint of navy... I do want to alter the alloys to black... If it'll affect my insurance price since it is a change, but i don't understand... (I've seen that performance changes that were only influence insurance not aesthetic...? But I have to realize without a doubt...)"

F1-charge student insurance?
I am traveling to the usa to examine there and I was searching via a set of insurance providers other than that the university offers (that will ben't compulsory) and I found this company called ISO Is it an excellent insurance carrier? After all the charges it includes along with the cost of the program is truly great. The Gold program is 39 dollars per month, indicating it's only 468 bucks per year! Is that perhaps excellent, or expensive, inexpensive? Would you propose different insurance companies that could be economical and greater? Thank you."

How do I shift medical insurance to PA for university?
Hi guys, I'm live in florida and presently 17 and have medi cal insurance since my family is low-income. On likely to Philadelphia for university, Iam planning, but I'm uncertain how I - can move my medi cal to Pennsylvania? Is it actually feasible? Or do I have to apply again in Pa? I Need proof insurance to enter university and I do not know if medi-cal is enough. I have health internet also. I need it from the 23rd of September which is now the 25th of July. Can I have enough time for you to get insurance? any help is appreciated. Thank you!"

Has car insurance increased in the past couple of weeks?
My spouse has simply been on 'assess the market' and found that to insure his fiat punto its planning to cost him almost 800 - 2 weeks before when he looked he was getting estimated 400. Its nearly doubled in prices!!! What is all that about?

Should fat people obtain a discount on the medical health insurance?
Monday, fat People Cheaper to Deal With, Study Suggests smoking and Preventing obesity may save lives, nevertheless it doesn't spend less, researchers reported. It costs more to take care of healthy individuals who dwell years longer, accordingto a Dutch review that counters the most popular understanding that authorities would be saved huge amount of money by preventing obesity... -- AP/, Feb 6, 2008 /dynamic/tales/O/ SECTION=HOME SITE=WIRE& OBESITY_COST? & TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2008 -02-05-02-58-08"

Just how much does one buy Manitoba auto insurance?
Simply how much might an 18 year old male buy auto insurance? If you there please inform me your actual age and what vehicle or about are that age you generate. I was considering comparing w/ Manitoba obviously dad told its 1000-1500 dollars annually to me and since I live in Ontario!

Who is the least expensive auto insurance service in FL?
Who's the least expensive auto-insurance carrier in FL?

Which can be the least expensive automobile insurance plan that the business could offer which handles everything?
I own 1.2 LT is beaten by a chevy and need to know the right comparison of deborah best insurance carrier policy.pls answer asap.

Where can I get car insurance? (UK)?
I am a 17-year old guy, my mom bought me a vehicle and going to turn 18! I have yet to go my exam that is driving but have ordered one. I've been wanting on the internet for motor insurance as well as the finest I'd located was about 715. That has been a couple of days before. Currently the least expensive is 798. Is there anywhere you observed cheap motor insurance? I am wishing I might manage to phone up and try and influence their 798 to shed somewhat due to the unexpected change. What else may I do? I've searched on every car insurance website i may think of. As many auto insurance companies as possible in case i missed one in case you don't learn how to reply this question is it possible to identify. Cheers"

Customizing your car insurance?
I wish to purchase a winter- beater around 600 bucks. My monthly involves $330 after I offer myself and that I might suppose which means full coverage. I actually don't need my insurance to cost a hundred times what my vehicle is worth. What insurance possibilities should I be selecting to create listed my price below $200 easily were to customize my insurance and have the option? I am aware it'll also be determined by other items like the vehicle itself, don't offer me Un necessary info, cheers and please. I reside in Ontario."

Just how much is motorbike insurance for a 125cc bike approximately?
I understand it is had to predict, but im thinking of buying a cycle quickly. Im 18 years-old, live in south west London, have a full driving permit for 1-year now. (some factors they may consider) thanks."

Inexpensive car insurance for 17 year old?
Inexpensive motor insurance like (upto 1500)

Simply how much might auto insurance charge for me personally?
I am 17 years of age, have a clear history, and am getting a 3.0 gpa...anyone have any cost range?"

"In case you simply borrow their car, does one still have to be included with your parents car insurance?"
I don't have my own personal car nonetheless, thus ill occasionally be borrowing the vehicle. Do I still need to be included? We've All State if that assists."

Insurance for 2001 mustang?
Iam about to buy a 2001 mustang convertible, 2-door and I'm 16, it will be my first automobile and I was thinking normally just how much insurance might I spend?"

"Auto insurance, support!?"
I'm 21, fully comprehensive insurance, new '09 dish automobile, my car insurance charges me about 300 each year. I am going away to Alton Towers with two friends and my spouse and I was thinking what is of heading about insurance allow them to generate my vehicle for your 2-3 day roadtrip back and down there, the least expensive means. You want to split us' journey between two as it will require about 6 hrs there and 6 hours back so we were planning to do 3 hrs each there. As itis the most large and the only reliable one, we're taking my vehicle. Both people possible for driving is a 19 year old kid (im betting the insurance is likely to be far too high for him) and a 19 year old girl. They both have their own vehicles and equally have been driving for 1 - 24 months. She is absolutely complete on her dads insurance although your ex will soon be 20 whenever we basically go-down there. And don't advise completely is driven by me I explained i wouldnot and as I've completed it again as it was only a long time to concentrate with a few stops, even on one massive stretch of highway. Cheers people! x"

What is the cheapest auto insurance?
My mama, and im 16 is currently making me purchase insurance for my new vehicle. I had been just thinking because my work moneys difficult to come by nowadays and isnt that good..."

"17-20 year olds cheap Car Insurance firms fo?"
Hey im 19 and only approved my driving test, and that I can't discover vheap car insurance that is enough, does anybody have any tips? Cheers"

How will I be helped by the medical care work that is affordable? i dont want to acquire medical insurance. i havent gone to a?
doctor in years and i possess a considerable sum of money saved-up in case of a crisis.

What is the insurance for individuals that are brand new?
I am 19 and I just got my driver's permit (better late than never). I am searching for tips fo cheap insurance for brand new individuals and need motor insurance asap"

What's a good organization for personal insurance?
What's a superb firm for individual insurance?

Tricky Car Insurance Rates?
Right, I am genuinely at ends to get cheap motor insurance... I am probably a providers pain: 17 yrs old living with parents while at college etc, living in London... I've only qualified using a whole UK license, nevertheless the insurance to get a '97 Saxo is 3500 also it just costs 300!!!! On the best way to understand right down this to of a great everyone any tips? Or any suggestions for any good vehicles to ensure a 17 year old on? :)"

Ways to get medical insurance?
how does students (faculty) begin finding medical health insurance? I contains dropped her insurance and used to be on my siblings insurance but she is presently not working there anymore am not covered anymore. How do i get healthinsurance?? Cheers"

Whose insurance is responsible for the auto accident?
Ok, long story but I recently got into a car accident and had no insurance. My car was paid for, but I had no insurance on it. I live in Michigan which is a no-fault state, but I hit a building and I am wondering if I am resposible for the cost. I talked with the owner of the building and he had no insurance either, and had just bought the building 2 weeks prior to the accident. So who is responsible for the damages to the building?
I might suggest that you try this web site where you can get quotes from the best companies:

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